Thursday, November 15, 2012

Really? A diet diary for the holiday?

Part of the path to becoming a Registered Dietitian is to go through a nine to 12 month intership where you actually get to put into practice some of the things you learn in school.  I used to have interns come and learn from me for a week at a time and I really enjoyed helping someone learn how people really behave (and misbehave) when you try to help them eat better.  My current position doesn't really permit the perceptorship side of things and I miss it, but one of the things I don't miss is finding busywork for them to do.  So the other day I got an e-mail from another dietitian who made her intern come up with a Thanksgiving meal calculator.  So, for your viewing pleasure and education:
FoodServing SizeCaloriesAmount EatenCalories
Roasted Turkey Leg (with skin)4oz192oz0
Roasted Turkey Breast (without skin)4oz153oz0
Ham, Cured, Boneless, Extra Lean & Regular, Roasted3oz140oz0
Tofurky® Vegetarian Roast1serving (1/5 roast)250serving0
Stovetop Stuffing, prepared0.5cup140cup0
Mashed Potatoes (Made with Whole-Milk/Margarine)1cup237cup0
2 in x 2 in Dinner Roll1oz (1 roll)80oz0
Baked Sweet Potato (Medium)5oz 100oz0
Candied Yams0.5Cup170cup0
Baked White Potato (Medium)5oz130oz0
Green Bean Casserole0.5cup110cup0
Corn Bread4oz350oz0
Turkey Gravy0.5cup60cup0
Cranberry Sauce4oz110oz0
Pumpkin Pie1slice (1/8 pie)290slice0
Pecan Pie1slice (1/8 pie)500slice0
Apple Pie1slice (1/8 pie)300slice0
Extra Calories100Portions0
Total Caloric Intake0

This is interesting information for some I suppose, but all I could think of was "I practice what I preach, but even I am not psychotic enough to record my intake on a holiday."

Now, if you really don't want to take a break from your food diary on a holiday because you like routine, I won't stop you.  My suggestion, however, would be that since you probably want to find that fine line between enjoying what you eat without guilt and not feeling miserable at the end of the day (or next day), you could actually use this to do a little planning ahead.  Maybe there are some things you can do without, or never really liked to eat in the first place, and you can do a little planning ahead as far as what things you want to avoid.  Maybe you would like that little reminder not to take that second helping and go for a walk instead.  Otherwise, enjoy your holiday and be glad you are not a Dietetic Intern.

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